Certain Things You Have To Face On Being Repeatedly Stopped For A DUI in Arizona

Stopped For A DUI in Arizona

DUI is a serious offence in Arizona, having highly serious consequences. By driving when you are intoxicated, you are not only endangering your own life but the life of those people travelling with you. Once you are charged with suspicious driving, you can be even put behind the bars with a suspension of your driving license.

stopped for a DUI in Arizona

Within ten years of this unfortunate incident, if you are again stopped for a DUI in Arizona, it can have dire consequences. In such a scenario, only a skilled and expert lawyer can save you from maximum penalty. These are some of the things that you must know in case you have been convicted of DUI for a second time:

  • Increased Penalty: If you are charged with DUI for the second time, there can be certain compulsory penalties which might be a little more severe than your first time. Your serving period in the jail might be increased to about a year. Your fine amount will be more than before and the court will add penalty assessment to the fine which will further build up the cost.
  • Suspension of Driving License: Your suspension of driving license might be extended from 30-90 days to about a whole year. You may be given a restricted license after three months but until then you will not enjoy your right to drive.
  • Mandatory DUI Program: You will be asked to attend a mandatory DUI program or DUI class that can continue from 18 to about 30 months. You can get back your driving rights only after you complete the course successfully with substantial evidence to prove so.
  • Collateral Sentences: The judge might impose collateral sentences if you have been stopped for a DUI in Arizona for the second time, such as Alcoholic Anonymous Classes or other programs that impart knowledge about the seriousness of DUI.
  • Ignition Interlock Device: Usually, the court asks a person to install an ignition installation device after the first DUI offense but after this is repeated, the court may ask you to continue installing this device in all the cars that you are likely to drive even after the expiration of the suspension period of your license. This may be treated as an extension of your period of probation.

These were some of the things you must be aware of before you are stopped for a DUI in Arizona for a second time. However if there is an increased number of laws in the state, there is also an increase in the defense strategies to safeguard the interests of people. In order to get the best strategies that are perfect for issuing a less harsh statement or acquiring a complete dismissal of the case- you must appoint lawyers who are diligent, efficient and experts in DUI cases.

In such cases, you must always cooperate with the officers because your disposition, attitude and appearance will indicate your alcohol consumption level. However being polite and having a good conduct does not mean you have to answer their questions. Therefore if you are stopped for a DUI in Arizona, you must hire a good attorney who will appear in the court on your behalf, interrogate the officer, gather records, prepare motions, and negotiate with the prosecutor.

Author Bio: Howard Snader is a lawyer and here he states the important guidelines to be followed if and when we are stopped for a DUI in Arizona.